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By Maîtresse Salèha

‘l’arbre à mots’ – vocab tree

I ask my learners to complete their ‘arbre à mots’ (vocab tree – download here), reading and copying then translating helps the memory process. Above all, the vocab tree is always there to help when they can’t remember what a word/sentence means. Don’t forget make it colourful! The vocab tree template was created by a fellow French blogger IPOTÂME-TÂME


France – survival kit (useful words & sentences, including audio & downloadable flashcards to help you practice)

 July 27, 2018 

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I have created a free printable summarizing the learning objectives in book number #1 called ‘Objectifs livre numéro #1‘ to help you keep record of your child progress, you can download ‘gratis‘ from here 👉  OneThirdStories – weekly objectives livre 1

Free printable: ‘How the Dinausor got his shoes’ (book 1) word search here

One Third Stories – Review here