“LingoLango multi-lingua” was created by moi [me]. Bonjour je m’appelle Salèha [Pronounced: Saleya]. I am a French Maman who has been living in the U.K. since 2004, and sacre bleu despite all those years it truly feels like yesterday, et oui absolument!

Il était une fois, la vie…. so the story goes…

LingoLango was influenced by our multi-cultural and multi-lingual family. Firstly there is Moi, French of Algerian decent, but truly I am a Parienne, then we have my husband who is English and Austrian by his Mutter [Vienna, Austria]. From this point onward, it felt like the entire universe was conspiring to create our little multicultural world. Il était une fois, la vie [once upon a time life..] so the story goes, the seed was already planted ready to grow and flourish, but It was only waiting for one little special thing, the arrival of my son Enzo in 2009, followed by the desire to share my love of stories, songs, nursery rhymes in many different languages.

I can now hear you wondering…

Why this obsession with sharing my passion for languages?! Surely, we are not the only multilingual, multicultural family in the UK, let alone in the world!  Yep, ok, so let me share with you a snippet of my life story so you can understand. I was brought up in Paris in the delightful Quartier of Montmartre, my parents Yema [Maman] & Vava [Papa] were from the Algerian Atlas mountains [in North Africa] of Kabyle decent. My childhood has been surrounded by so many different languages, French obviously, but others such as Amazigh [Kabyle language also known as Berber dialect from the Algerian Atlas mountains], Arabic [the main language spoken in Algerian and many other countries], Spanish [I got my first job with my Spanish neighbour]. Needless to say that I also studied English and Spanish at school, although I have to admit that my English was terrible compared to my Spanish in which I excelled!

Be brave, what hurts now, makes you stronger later…

You are probably thinking, wow that is amazing, a childhood blessed with so many opportunities to get acquainted with a diversity of languages, rich with colours and flavours, plenty of ways to express yourself, a sea of intonations and rhythms Waterman… Unfortunately and despite the fact that my parents spoke mostly Amazight, we were encouraged by the school and the teachers to prioritise French learning/speaking above any other languages! In other words, Yema [Maman] & Vava [Papa] were told politely but firmly that it was better for us, their children, to be monolingual rather than bilingual which would also help us to ‘integrate’ better. Yep 🙁 [sad face] ! So, I never get to acquire my Yema [Maman] & Vava [Papa] ‘s native language, on top of that whenever we were going back to Algeria, I was also teased by the local children when I tried to speak the Lingo, I had too much of a French accent. You can now understand why, I am very keen that my son speaks my native language French and get to discover many other ones including Arabic.

Bear Hunt 2Meet Enzo, Mon Petit Prince 💖

My 8 years old son is now bilingual French, we have started a year ago the journey of reading books in French, he is doing rather well. Because French is my native language, it was only natural for me to use it whilst bringing up my child. Enzo has therefore acquired it naturally, organically from moi and the many trips we take to France visiting friends, or on a school language exchange. He has since been introduced to German (thanks to local native tutors), Spanish and recently to Arabic (thanks to local native speaker). He just loves it!

LingoLango, multi-lingua was born …

It was only a matter of time before I’d share my extensive library of French books and start a multi-lingual story time for school children, with Reception children, hopefully that will get them to love learning a foreign language at an early age. LingoLango multi-lingua was born in 2018!

The very first of “LingoLango, multi-lingua story time” was held at my local school where my son goes, Preshute Primary School in Manton Wiltshire. Needless to say that, I felt extremely nervous but very excited.  It went really well, and I received my first feedback from one of my learners L. in Reception, his Mum send me a lovely text saying: Thought I’d let you know that the first thing that L. said to me when I got back home was ‘I loved French!’.

I am an absolute passionada for languages (I just made up that word to express

When you speak drei

how much I love languages), children who learn a second language tend to have a better understanding of the world and of other cultures. They also have a wider access to a range of people, friendships, resources and cultures.

Learning a second or third language can be very rewarding which is important for self-confidence, and also enhances listening, reading and writing skills.

So my goal was and is to give my son the gift of languages, helped when necessary by natives speaking tutors like me. This blog will count our journey, Les aventures d’Enzo [Enzo’s journey] et de Maman [and Mum] to language(s) discovering and learning, a little like a Diary. I will also share my tips, review books, CD and games I came across which might help you join us into the world of language gifting.

I would love to hear about your experiences in #homeschooling and #languagelearning #languageteaching #schoollife as well, because I am always on the look out for new resources (books, games, apps….) please share your discovery with me!

If you have a product on the market or know of one and would like it reviewed by Maîtresse Salèha please get in touch here with all the details, and we can showcase it here on the blog.

This blog will grow and develop with your interaction and input. If you would like to leave any comments or have a question I would love to hear from you.

Thank you, Merci, Danke schön, Gracias and shukraan شكرا

Maîtresse Salèha

French tutor & language passionnada

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