This year, Enzo and I have decided to learn Arabic!

LingoLango search for an Arabic tutor

So I went searching for a local native Arabic tutor. It was very important that the tutor was native as I strongly believe that they are the best person to share their knowledge and experience, not only, of their native language but the culture that comes with it.

This is the advert I placed on social media. Social media has definitely got it’s positives! Within 24 hours I had find a native tutor whom I was going to meet the following week. The rest is history as she is now teaching my son Enzo Arabic! I have to say that I absolutely love her attitude and her teaching style!

I am also learning Arabic with my son! Why? Because it motivates children even more when the parent(s) is also joining in the journey of MultiLingua. It motivates them, and in Enzo’s case it generates a little competition, it creates a championship of MultiLingua. In other words, Enzo is looking forward to showing that he is going to be the best at learning Arabic than his Maman!

Practicing colours with Arabic printables

Colours with Arabic printables by @amuslimhomeschool

So what have we learnt?

we have started to learnt the alphabet

we have learnt some greetings

we have learn the colours – in order to practice the colour I have downloaded a set of printables from A Muslim Home School , I really like this resource, plus it’s only written in Arabic therefore the learning process is stronger as it gets you to memories the colours in Arabic rather than relying on the English written  equivalent.

we have also learn to count up to 20!

we have started practicing writing in Arabic!


Summer time is here but we do not want to loose our progress!
My son and I have stopped any classes/clubs for summer because it is important to have a break.

Although we have no lessons/classes/clubs I think it is important to practice a little everyday to keep up with what we have achieved so far! Because I do not speak Arabic YouTube has literally been my saviour, it also like a treasure throve of resources for us! I love YouTube and I use it a lot for my language research and teaching.

Plus, we are going on holidays in Agadir in Morocco (North Africa) for two weeks. This is the ideal opportunity and place to practice what we have learnt so far.

Step #1of the preparations with the below videos.

Followed by step #2, I am planning to make some very useful cue cards to take away with us.

This holidays will not only be relaxing, fun but we will come back knowing that we have tried communicating using the local lingo #happydays !

My search, my findings ….

The first video was suggested by our Arabic Tutor to practice the greetings video #1.

The two other videos I find doing a little search (looking at different videos available, watching many and selecting a few) I stumbled across:

this lovely sing along song to practice the Arabic Alphabet (Sing-A-Long Arabic Alphabet Song الأحرف الأبجدية العربية #SyrajKids ) video #2

and an other video which I like which will help us practicing the colours (Learn Colors in Arabic and English for Kids – Learn colors with Zakaria) video #3

These are the videos Enzo and I are going to use in order to be ready for our trip to Agadir in Morocco. #letstalkarabic !

Greetings and Responses in Arabic , free Arabic lesson التحية والتعارف

Sing-A-Long Arabic Alphabet Song الأحرف الأبجدية العربية #SyrajKids

Learn Colors in Arabic and English for Kids – Learn colors with Zakaria

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Thank you, Merci, Danke schön, Gracias and shukraan شكرا

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