img_4317-1I am not a fan of football but since my son started playing in the local Football Club, and showing an interest in this sport my husband and I decided to get involved. We started watching football matches, play in the garden, all these things parents do to maintain, to feed the interest, the passion for a sport.

Having said that I am not a football fan, I have managed watched ALL the FIFA world cups since I was a child, I still do! My favourite memories will always be when I was in Paris Stade de France in 1998, Les Bleus had won and we were the Champions. Here we go again, 20 years later history has repeated itself, except for the fact that I am not in Paris this time.

Does the World Cup creates tension in a multilingual family? 

Not in our family! The last FIFA World Cups, we never really had to worry about who to support. Both English and French team haven’t really been great in the tournament, 2018 was going to be different, big time different!

So, who do we support in our multilingual family?

To start with, we always are behind the following countries regardless of the tournaments:

Shirt badge/Association crestShirt badge/Association crestShirt badge/Association crest
Shirt badge/Association crest

England France Algeria Austria

For this FIFA World Cup 2018, we supported England and France! Austria and Algeria did not qualify.

Luckily for us they played in different groups and therefore never played each other which is a shame as I truly wanted a World Cup Final between England vs France. In our home, we had decided that in case of a final France vs England we would be winners anyway.

It was an emotional and very exciting World Cup, I was very proud of our English football team and absolutely overwhelmed with joy for our French boys who won it!

Let’s not forget: 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup finals: France

The 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup finals will be held in France from 7 June to 7 July.

Something to look forward to!


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