Barres de céréales aux pommes [recipe for apple flavoured cereal bars]

There is nothing I love most than a school project! Yes, you heard it well ‘j’adore‘!

So when Enzo was given his school project last month I was quite excited because not only we were going to practice units and measurements but also we were going to bake in French using one of my new purchases ‘Le Larousse junior de la Pâtisserie‘.

As a parent, we are always trying to find ways to reinforce those acquired skills, and I found baking makes the learning process effortless and fun!

What will your child learn?

  • Learn the numbers up to 10
  • Learn some colours and food vocab
  • Learn simple commands such as: dans un bol (in a bowl) ajoutes (add), mélanges (mix)…
  • Some key words and sentences related to the activity ex. j’aime et je n’aime pas … (I like and I don’t like …)

Be prepared, get everything ready before you start!

Step 1 you will need:

  • download & print  the free printable Objectifs recette Juillet – Barres de céréales aux pommes – objectives here
  • download & print the free printable Objectifs recette Juillet – Barres de céréales aux pommes Vocabulaire here
  • download & print the free printable Objectifs recette Juillet – Barres de céréales aux pommes – Flashcards here
  • get familiar with the vocab, to help you I have also uploaded an How to pronounce in French (audio file) [a vlog post is in the making & will be soon available]

NB 1  – many parents worry that their accent or pronunciation isn’t quite the same as the French. So my response is, if you do not give it a go your child won’t either, so try your best its worth while! One of the main objectives is to get your child(ren) enjoying a foreign language!

NB 2 – I normally laminate the cards so they last longer, having said that it works perfectly well if you use them on a tablet (no ink or paper cost/waste)

NB 3 – I also use a folder to keep all the printables in one place accessible to my son.

Step 2 make it fun and go shopping with your child(ren) using Objectifs recette Juillet – Les flashcards to look for the ingredients.

Step 3 get baking!

Step 4 keep a log of the achievements using the printable Objectifs recette Juillet – Barres de céréales aux pommes Vocabulaire here

Step 5 Ask your child what they thought about the activity and post it here or on Instagram tag me so I can see!

Enzo's baking project 'Juillet 2018'

Enzo’s baking project ‘Juillet 2018’

Different group, different 

As I explain in my first blog “Always on the look out for new resources …and so the journey begins” I have devised 3 learning groups:

The ‘young explorers’ are discovering the language, they are getting acquainted with different sounds, phonics and accents.The ‘young learners’ have already acquired the knowledge of the existence of foreign languages with their variety of sounds and intonation. The ‘globe trotters’ are ready to go, ready to explore written pieces via reading small books, followed closely by comprehension, which should then take them to the level where they will be able to write in French.

How to make it suitable for each group?

  • young explorers

Use the flashcard folded picture side to help them memorise the vocabulary and help understanding the commands in French, say the word in French and point to what you are saying. If you print out two copies you can play the classic game of pairs. An other great game is you call the colours and your child selects the correct card….

Ask the question in French: Qu’est-ce que c’est? Related image

Repeat the question in English: What is it? Image result for english flag emoji

Praise: Oui! Très Bien! Related image


Repeat in English: Yes! Well done! Image result for english flag emoji

  • young learners
  1. Use the flashcard folded picture side to help them memorise the vocabulary, say the word in French and point to what you are saying.
  2. Use the flashcard folded word side, highlight the different accent and sound in the French language and see if your child can recognise the word when you are sounding it, if necessary help them saying the first letter for example: for La Pomme say ‘where is La Pomme, it starts with P for Pomme’.
  3. Use the the free printable Objectifs recette Juillet – Vocabulaire and let your child tick every words they know ‘Tu gagnes un point par bonne réponse’ [you earn one point for each correct answer] and Donnes ton opinion [give your opinion], record the weekly progress.
  • globe trotters
  1. printables suitable for this group age will be available soon, stay tuned.

NB 1 – all nouns in the French language have an article, it is strongly advised when teaching your child French to always teach nouns with their article!

Ex. you should be teaching La pomme and NOT pomme only!

Ex. you should be teaching Le fromage and NOT fromage only!

D’abord les ingrédients pour 15 barres [firstly, the ingredients for approx. 15 cereal bars]

  • 200 grammes de flocons d’avoine
  • 75 grammes de mile liquide
  • 125 gramees de beurre
  • 125 grammes de sucre
  • 1/2 pomme (rouge/verte)

Puis la recette [then the recipe]

This is a very straight forward recipe to follow, rather easy to bake but hugely delicious! The preparation time is approximately 15 minutes and the cooking time is 30 minutes.

Ingredients & recipe in EnglishImage result for english flag emoji and in FrenchRelated image here!


Enzo wanted some chocolate in the cereal bars so we slightly amended the recipe!


Having the right tools for the job is so important!

That’s why I am always on the lookout for new resources to incorporate into my lesson planning. I need them to compliment my style of teaching and offer my students the best experience when it comes to discovering a new language.

If you have a product on the market or know of one and would like it reviewed by Maîtresse Salèha please get in touch here with all the details, and we can showcase it here on the blog.

This blog will grow and develop with your interaction and input. If you would like to leave any comments or have a question I would love to hear from you.

Thank you, Merci, Danke schön, Gracias and shukraan شكرا

Maîtresse Salèha

French tutor & language passionnada

@ www.LingoLango.Blog


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