Bonjour and welcome to the Lingo-Lango Multi-Lingua blog. A resource for parents, care-givers and home-educators who are looking to introduce their children to a new language.

I love teaching French and have been doing so for many years both privately and in schools. I am a “passionada” for languages. I brought my son up to be bi-lingual, and my experience of this along with teaching in schools has shaped and reinforced my view that languages should be introduced (not necessarily taught) at a much earlier age.

My mission is to encourage and support as many families and children to do this, using fun and innovative resources.

Overtime I have accumulated an extensive library, not limited to just books. I have audio-books, magazines, CD’s and DVD’s, as well as board games, TV programmes, Apps, and even games for the Nintendo DS.

The reason for this is that not all children learn at the same rate or in the same way. Not every child is interested in the same thing, and so variety is important.

There are however stages that each child moves through whilst they are discovering and mastering a language, and I have developed these 3 groups to demonstrate each level of learning;

Young Explorers – these guys are finding their way, and getting acquainted with the language through different sounds, phonics and accents.

Young Learners – they already have some knowledge of the existence of foreign languages with their variety and intonation.

Globe Trotters – ready to go and explore written text, short stories, and comprehension, preparing them to be able to write in French.

I will refer to these terms regularly in my blog posts, so you can always find the definitions here.

Having the right tools for the job is so important, and that’s why I am always on the lookout for new resources to incorporate into my lesson planning. I need them to compliment my style of teaching and offer my students the best experience when it comes to discovering a new language.

If you have a product on the market or know of one and would like it reviewed by Maîtresse Salèha please get in touch here with all the details, and we can showcase it here on the blog.

This blog will grow and develop with your interaction and input. If you would like to leave any comments or have a question I would love to hear from you.

Thank you, Merci, Danke schön, Gracias and shukraan شكرا

Maîtresse Salèha

French tutor & language passionnada

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