How I discovered One Third Stories

It all started a few months ago, when one of my Young Learners arrived for their private lesson with an intriguing orange box. It turned out to be a subscription her parents had purchased for her birthday, and it contained a book and an activity set.
She proudly set it on the table and politely asked “Could you please read the story s’il vous plait?” It was here I discovered One Third Stories for the very first time, starting with “How the Dinosaur got his shoes.”

One Third Stories Boix #1
Le concept…the stories begin in English and end in a different language

Along with the story book, came an activity book, an audio book, a recipe from around the world as well as some flashcards, it was the complete package.
The concept although quite simple, was inspiring. The story begins in English and ends in either French or Spanish. It was like that of a jigsaw puzzle, piecing together the parts of the story, making the whole learning process effortless and fun.

How does it work?



Each story box follows a specific progress plan, which is great to do when learning a language. To use “How the Dinosaur got his shoes” as an example, the learning objectives were to;

  • learn the numbers up to 10
  • learn some colours
  • learn simple greetings and introduce yourself
  • learn some key words and sentences related to the story line

When I read multilingual books I always add my signature style a ‘je ne sais quoi‘, for example:

Maîtresse Salèha’s favourite words & expressions such as ‘bien sûr‘ (of course)…

I have created a free printable summarizing the learning objectives in book number #1 called ‘Objectifs livre numéro #1‘ to help you keep record of your child progress, you can download ‘gratis‘ from here 👉  OneThirdStories – weekly objectives livre 1

What age group are the books for?

It’s never too early to learn a second language. I introduced my son to Spanish and German when he was 3 years old.
For the story box by One Third Stories, they advise that the books are aimed at children aged 4 to 9 years old. Although they have had feedback from parents and teachers that children both below and above that age range would enjoy them too.
Both my Young Explorers and Young Learners would benefit from using this resource to help them to discover and become more familiar with a different language. For those ready to progress further, this level of book could still be used alongside suitably challenging worksheets (which will be available in the free printables section of this blog).

The story box are perfect for the following groups:

* young explorers

* young learners

What do I think about those books?

First and foremost, you do not need to speak French or Spanish to use these books In a nutshellwith your children, something that can be off-putting for parents or carers. An audio book is available and included in the subscription, plus all the instructions are in English too.
The books are easy to read, the font is clear, and all the French (or Spanish) words are highlighted in bold, making them easy to spot and remember.
Each book has a glossary of all the French (or Spanish) words, as well as notes for parents to help their child or children with their learning.
I liked the size of the books. They were manageable for small hands, and ideal to be read on the go, for example in the car.
The illustrations by Hannah Hutchings proved popular with my learners, and I loved them too!
One Third Stories I believe offers great value for money, for as little as £13.99 per month depending on your subscription option.
With such engaging stories and content, they make giving the gift of another language accessible, a gift that you can share together and an opportunity to create a special bond that is priceless.

What do my learners (QC = quality control) think about the books?

In a nutshell QCI always like to ask for their opinion, and here is what they had to say – Et voila! 

“It’s quite a good book”
“The good thing about it is at the very back it shows all the word”
“The pictures show what the word is”

The One Third Stories have been somewhat of a hit both at home, in school and with my learners. They have found their place in my ever-growing Lingo-Lango Multi-Lingua library, and we absolutely adore them.

In conclusion: do we or do we not?

Oui, of course! the One Third Stories Books have find their place into my ever growing LingoLangoMultiLingua Library! We absolutely adore the books!

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If you would like to discover more about One Third Stories and their subscription options you can check out their website here, and if you sign up make sure you use CSFrench in the checkout to benefit from 15% off you first subscription.

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Thank you, Merci, Danke schön, Gracias and shukraan شكرا

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